Our Services


We offer Deep Tissue and Swedish massage services to promote health and healing. A massage can help improve your body’s mobility as well as recovery. It helps keep your immune system strong and can help improve your sleep.

A massage allows the body to heal itself overall – Mind, Body, Spirit – they are all connected!

A person is getting an acupuncture treatment.


Cupping helps improve your skin’s circulation, breaks up scar tissue at a deeper level and removes toxins in a safe, non-invasive method.

Two bottles of doterra oils next to an apple.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are integrated into the session, allowing their natural healing properties to benefit you and your individual needs.

What We Offer:

We offer single pack massage, a 5 pack, and a 10 pack.

Single Pack Massages

30 Minutes $80

60 Minutes $105

90 Minutes $140

5 pack 10% off

30 Minutes $360

60 Minutes $470

90 Minutes $630

10 Pack 15% Off

30 Minutes $680

60 Minutes $890

90 Minutes $1190

Gift Certificates Available!